Emergency Visit

emergencyDental emergencies often cause high levels of anxiety, but care must be taken to act quickly and decisively.  Perfectly Bright Smiles handles dental emergencies of all types and our offices are prepared to render immediate aid.  All of our staff receive training to care for the needs of patients should emergencies arise.  Rest assured that we will be ready and able to help you or your family member in times of need.

Common Dental Emergencies

Below are some of the most common dental emergency calls and some things that can be done to offset pain, reduce swelling, and if necessary save a tooth.


A dentist should examine toothaches that are unbearably painful.  After you call us for an emergency visit, try rinsing your entire mouth with lukewarm water.  Also, gently floss to remove any food particles that could be contributing to the pain.  Never put aspirin on the gum or tooth.

Broken Tooth

In case you have broken a tooth, clean your mouth by rinsing it with lukewarm water.  If the cause of the tooth breaking was by blunt force, you may want to use a cold compress to mitigate any swelling to the area.

Severely Loosened or Knocked Out Tooth

It is best to gently place a knocked out tooth back in the socket it was in.  If this is too painful or not possible, store the tooth in a glass of milk and make an emergency visit to the dentist.  If you make it to us quickly, it is possible to restore the tooth fully.  When a tooth is knocked out or jolted loose, the gum tissue will become sore and may swell.  Prepare a compress to slow any swelling and to numb pain.

Deep Bite On Tongue or Lip

Sharp and heavy bites to one’s tongue or lips can cause heavy bleeding and disfigurations.  Try to stop bleeding and swelling by applying pressure to the area with a cold compress.  If the damage is extensive or if bleeding continues, seek emergency help.

Broken Braces

Broken and loose wires from braces can cause cuts and bruises inside the mouth.  In some cases, they have impaled gums, cheeks, the tongue or have become lodged in between teeth.  If this has occurs, never try to remove the wire yourself.  Come in for an emergency visit so that your dentist can fix this issue without causing further damage.

We hope you never have to make an emergency dental call, but if you do we’ll be there to help.