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masha mashamasha masha

This is my favorite dental service in years. Dr. Pie Parreno-Banaag is very knowledgeable and experienced expert you can trust. She explains carefully all aspects of your dental condition and provides you with all necessary information about procedures. I like all assistance services and staff in their office starting with the reception and other medical assistants.
What I like the most is that this business always evaluates and upgrades their equipment and uses the most advanced and new technologies.
I highly recommend you to visit this office.

Had my first visit with Perfectly Bright Smiles! Great visit! Everyone was pleasant and helpful. The staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable.  Also, if you've got kids, this place is awesome! While there a young boy was also having an appointment and you could definitely see that he had a good experience! So for friendly service and a staff that works well with kids, I highly recommend you visit Dr. Pi and her staff in Eagle Rock!!

The VC FamilyThe VC Family

Wonderful people, especially Doctor Pi a great dentist that you could have! I recommend this place 100%.

Jay V.Jay V.

This was one of my best dental experiences in a long time. Very clean environment. Super nice staff. Everyone is professional. Nothing to complain about....


I had dental x-rays done, and in the process of the dental office, communicating with my insurance there seemed to be some discrepancies. My insurance kept informing me that they were submitting the x-rays incorrectly, which is why I was getting denied and every time I talked to the dental office they said that they would look into it and follow up, which they never did. I would always have to call and follow up. They told me that I was getting denied because the work that I need it wasn’t bad enough for my insurance to cover it but that’s not what my insurance was telling me. After the third time I speaking with my insurance and them reassuring him me that this is work that should be able to be approved if submitted correctly, I’ve deciding to go to another dentist as my insurance recommended. It’s just a bummer that I’ve wasted months on the phone going back-and-forth nonetheless the day that I took off of work to get my x-rays done initially. I’m now in pain and frustrated to say the least.

T. T.PBSmiles takes care of my pearly whites with TLC

This office takes good care of my teeth from cavities, Invisalign, and whitening! I look forward to coming here because aside from having my teeth cleaned, I also get to catch up on my favorite shows (Netflix! woohoo). Thank you Perfectly Bright Smiles for taking care of me!

WOW! I got my onlay crown done on a 3-D printer and installed in 1 hour! The office is really nice, the staff is even more awesome, and Dr. Pie and Ernest Banaag are super professional, informative and attentive. They care more about my well-being than about my wallet. The facility is very modern and clean, so it also makes me feel good whenever I visit.

I have been here a few times now, Everything went well. They got Netflix for you to watch in the chair, so cool. They got to me very fast. They seem down to earth and the dentist seemed to be confident and know very well what she was talking about, which promotes my confidence in them. I have gotten multiple fillings done so far, I am fully confident in this place to get the job done right. I will be going back! Look no further, Give them a shot ! I truly think you will be happy with your decision.

AnonymousGreat Experience!

Clean place, great experience! They also give great advice for what I need.

AnonymousA Dental Experience like Disneyland!!!!!

I've finally found a dental office that I like and makes me not afraid to go back too. Dr. Pie and her staff are wonderful and they take care of you as soon as you walk in. With Netflix or Pandora on the TV rack or the hot towel after my procedure, really made me feel at ease with all the procedure. Everyone needs to see Dr. Pie and staff even if you just want to see what all the fuss is all about.

E. A.Best Dentist in Eagle Rock

Going to the dentist has always been stressful for me, but since Perfectly Bright Smiles opened up in Eagle Rock, I have been put at ease with the gentle thorough care of Dr. Pie & staff. I highly recommend going here for your family's dental care.

Cher S.Cher S.

The place is very clean and nice. The dentists are friendly and very professional. I feel that my teeth are very clean. I will definitely come back here at...

Sergio C.

The doctor and everybody else are very nice and welcoming. It makes the experience of going to the dentist better.

Samantha S.professional and kind

Dr. Pie and her staff are very professional and caring. They are so compassionate and make every attempt to make their patients feel comfortable and at ease. They have state of the art dental devices and a very clean and new. I love coming to get my teeth cleaned and all my dental procedures. Dr. Pie is the best!

My five year old daughter and I went in for checkups and cleaning. Dr. Pie and the entire staff were professional and attentive, which made our experience extremely pleasant.  We now have our family dentist!  Dr. Pie was thorough and explained future procedures so that I understood my options and the risks and benefits.  She has gentle hands - it wasn't the typical grind and scrape as hard as they can that I've experienced in the past.  Thank you and we look forward coming back.

Johanna M.Johanna M.

Perfectly Bright fits this dental place!
They make you feel at home! The staff is very nice and cares to ask how you're doing.
The dental office is very...

My boys had a dentist that they were very comfortable with in Loma Linda, but with the recommendation of some relatives that live in Glendale - we decided to just try them out.

After the visit - my boys replied, "Dad, we wouldn't mind coming here from now on. Dr. Pie is really cool!"

When do you hear that from kids following their dental visit? But, there was something even more about that practice that I couldn't put my finger on. And after coming back for a few more visits - I realized what it was. This doctor (and their staff) make you feel like you're a part of their family.

You actually feel "the love" through their words and their attention to you.

Yes, it's a two hour drive back & forth, but the relationship that we forged is worth every mile of it.

May GOD continually bless Perfectly Bright Smiles!

My first visit to Dr. Perreno's office was exceptional! Their staff was very professional and we look forward to bring our family to this office for many years to come! She was very thorough and explained everything so I can understand. I strongly recommend Dr. Perreno to all families who are looking for a practice which cares about its clients.

AnonymousWonderful experience!

After not having the best experiences at other dentists, Perfectly Bright Smiles has made our entire family feel comfortable. They were able to schedule appointments very fast and a fitting time for everyone's schedule.

J. S.The best dentist I've ever been to!

I had such a great experience with Perfectly Bright Smiles. They took great care of my teeth, and had no pain or uncomfort at all. I'll definitely be coming back for every future cleaning and tooth care. I love them!

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