Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsModern dental implants double as the most functional and natural appearing replacements to real teeth.  Therefore, if you have teeth that have been damaged, you should condier the distinct advantages that dental implants offer.  At Perfectly Bright Smiles, we can also use dental implants to replace bridges and dentures.  Our office is regarded as one of the most advanced implant solution facilites in L.A.

Single, Multiple, or Full Mouth Reconstruction Implants

Whether you are seeking a single implant or a full mouth reconstruction, we have the technology, experience, and processes in place to fulfill your need. Read below how we approach these different services.


Single Implant DiagramWe can perform a single implant in one visit.  Typically, a single implant is comprised of three sections: (1) a titanium anchor, (2) the abutment, and (3) the crown. The anchor acts as an artificial root that attaches to the jaw and the abutment begins the portion that resembles the body of the tooth above the gum line.  The crown serves as the top and receives the majority of the function of a natural tooth.


Multiple ImplantsSeveral compromised teeth can also be resolved in a single visit as well.  This includes the replacement of bridges and dentures.  Depending on the preferences and oral health of the patient, a series of single implants or connected porcelain bridge implants can be permanently affixed via multiple implants.


Even cases of full mouth reconstructions can be accomplished in a single visit!  We will use implants specifically designed to support both arches—lower and upper—so that permanent fixtures are functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Full implants are secured by multiple anchor sites.


What To Expect

Dental implants are considered an invasive surgery.  Therefore, patients can expect to go through 3 stages of the procedure—diagnosis, surgery, and restoration.

During your initial appointment, patients will undergo an extensive dental evaluation, have a 3D CAT scan, take hi-res dental photos, and have digital dental x-rays.  Afterwards, a specialist will convey the findings of your case diagnosis and discuss the options available.  You will also receive a comprehensive financial report of the proposed work.

During the surgery, our staff will take every precaution necessary to ensure an effective implant in performed.  Perfectly Bright Smile patients often can resume normal activities the day after the procedure.  Checkups are scheduled to review the effectiveness of the surgery.

Typical implant require approximately 3 months to fully seal to the jawbone.  Once this occurs, the final crown(s) will replace the temporary ones.  We always use high grade materials that are nearly impossible to break.