About Us

Perfectly Bright Smiles is a hometown dental practice located in Eaglerock, Los Angeles. The practice is built on the premise that a healthy body starts from a healthy mouth.  Beautiful, bright smiles come second nature to healthy smiles. We specialize in comprehensive dentistry for everyone. We place utmost importance to excellent service, quality care, and convenience.


Why Us

We are one of L.A.’s most advanced dental centers and we occupy a unique space as a comprehensive dentistry practice. Our team boasts numerous successful procedures and our reputation as Opencare’s Top Dentist in Los Angeles has been earned by our consistent and tireless efforts.

Modern diagnostic methods, state-of the-art technologies, and knowledgeable, well-trained  dental staff allows us to raise the bar of dentistry. Our patients expect the very best in dental service and our team consistently raises the bar to deliver to that expectation! It’s what we hang our hats on!


Our Services

Our practice specializes in lifetime preventative care.  We offer meticulous dental care to meet your individual needs and preferences.  From routine check-ups or cleanings to full-mouth makeovers, we use only the latest dental techniques to give YOU the best up-to-date service.


Modern Dental Technologies

Our office is equipped with diagnostic and treatment technologies that represent the best that modern dentistry has to offer. Having these tools at our disposals enables us to handle procedures with unprecedented clarity and precision. Furthermore, our staff regularly engages in continuous training to stay abreast to modern dental advances.  Here are some of the technologies that are utilized at our office:

  • Digital Intra and Extra oral high-definition images
  • Digital X-rays


In-Office Laboratory

Same-day procedures for some of the most complex treatments are made possible via our in-office lab. We have top-grade CEREC milling software and systems on-site to manufacture fully customized dental bridges, crowns, or dentures.


Community Involvement

We believe in supporting our community not only via our dental practice but also in a variety of practical ways. Below are some of the groups and charities that we proudly associate with:

  • The Bright Smiles Project
  • Feeding America