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We are proud to offer high quality, professional dental care in Eagle Rock, California and surrounding communities. Perfectly Bright Smiles is built on the premise that healthy bodies start with healthy teeth. Our dental practice encompasses all fields of oral care—cosmetic, general dental care, implants, orthodontics, including Invisalign.  As a multi-disciplinary dental center, we have a thorough approach to dentistry. We take pride in growing with the times and investing in modern technology to help serve YOU and our community better. We also work with a network of trustworthy, experienced dental specialist who are well able to take care of YOUR dental needs. YOU are our priority!

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Perfectly Bright Smiles takes pride in offering a dental experience that is quite different from what you might imagine.  We have crafted our practice to truly center around those we serve.  We aim that every dental visit should be comfortable, time-efficient, and ultimately a health improving experience.  Our team counts it as a privilege to serve YOU using our collective knowledge and experience to create beautiful smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our uncompromising approach to cosmetic dentistry enables us to produce perfect bright smiles.  We accomplish this by thorough diagnosis, customized planning, and efficient treatments that yield the best results.  The aim is not only to give you a great smile, but to also improve your oral health.  This is the only way to keep a beautiful smile for as long as possible.

Same Day Crowns

Our office is equipped with the very best cosmetic dentistry technologies and systems including CEREC.  Perfectly Bright Smiles has an in-office lab that can customize bridges, crowns, dentures, and fillings.  With CEREC, your cosmetic dental procedure can be completed in one visit, allowing you to present your new smile immediately.  We also use technologies like 3D imaging and digital x-rays, which complement CEREC.  Therefore, we are able to perform precise dental procedures that are enduring, comfortable, and beautiful.

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Dental ImplantsModern dental implants double as the most functional and natural appearing replacements to real teeth.  Therefore, if you have teeth that have been damaged, you should condier the distinct advantages that dental implants offer.  At Perfectly Bright Smiles, we can also use dental implants to replace bridges and dentures.  Our office is regarded as one of the most advanced implant solution facilites in L.A.Single, Multiple, or Full Mouth Reconstruction ImplantsWhether you are seeking a single implant or a full mouth reconstruction,...

Teeth WhiteningHave you hit a stage in life where your teeth appear discolored despite your best efforts?  If you’ve found that brushing them with whitening tooth paste religiously does not furnish any results, you may be considering an alternative teeth whitening solution.  Perfectly Bright Smiles offers unique strategies to teeth whitening that utilize some of the most advance techniques to date.  With every whitening procedure, our team focuses on brightening your smile in the healthiest way possible.What are the causes of teeth...

Root Canal ProceduresWhen we recommend a root canal, we aways reassure you with three basic facts.  First, root canals are one of our most common dental procedures and our team is well qualified in executing them perfectly.  Second, we always utilize moderrn dentistry tech when performing root canals, which enables us to provide painless service to our patients.  And third, after we perform your root canal your dental health will be significantly improved.   Root canal procedures releive patients of several aches, pains, and related...

Emergency VisitDental emergencies often cause high levels of anxiety, but care must be taken to act quickly and decisively.  Perfectly Bright Smiles handles dental emergencies of all types and our offices are prepared to render immediate aid.  All of our staff receive training to care for the needs of patients should emergencies arise.  Rest assured that we will be ready and able to help you or your family member in times of need.Common Dental EmergenciesBelow are some of the most common dental emergency calls and some things that can be done...

InvisalignConfidently adjusting your teeth without uncomfortable metal braces is easy with Invisalign! These virtually invisible plastic aligners will straighten your teeth to your desired beautiful smile and no one will notice! At Perfectly Bright Smiles, we understand how to make the most of Invisalign treatments.  We’ll help you to not only get the aesthetic look you are seeking, but we’ll also make sure that your smile is the healthiest it has ever been.How does it work?The aligners are custom-made for you and each tray is worn over your...

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