Dental Bridges

Dental BridgeThere are varieties of options to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Dental bridges are one of the most common methods.  This dental strategy uses a device that links an artificial tooth to healthy teeth.  Our L.A. based Perfectly Bright Smiles team is proficient in designing fixed or removable bridges.  If you desire to replace a missing tooth, a dental bridge may be a perfect solution.  These procedures usually require 1 to 3 office visits.

Deciding between removable and fixed bridges?

The decision to use a fixed or removable bridge is a patient option.  However, there may be specific oral reasons why your dentist will recommend one or the other to you.  Removable bridges are attached to your teeth via metal clasps or precision attachments.  Each attachment method has pros and cons, but enjoy the benefit of being thoroughly cleaned once removed.

On the other hand, fixed bridges (while not removable) offer the distinct advantage of being more stable than detachable types.  Patients who opt for fixed bridges will see our specialists who will bond the bridge to natural teeth or crowns.  Only licensed dental practitioners should remove fixed bridges; otherwise significant damage to teeth could occur.

Common reasons why people use dental bridges

Dental bridges offer a number of benefits to patients who decide to get them.  Here are the most common reasons why you may want to opt for dental bridges:

  • Improve your appearance
  • Make you look younger
  • Possibility of gum disease
  • Aids the improvement of overcoming speech disorders

Here are some quick facts about dental bridges:

  • Most dental bridges can function up to 15 years
  • Dental bridges have a very natural look
  • Entire procedure takes 2 to 3 dental office visits
  • Perfectly Bright Smiles is one of the most experienced dental bridge providers in L.A.


Caring for your dental bridge

Although bridges are made of highly durable ceramic, it is important to keep dental bridges clean and the natural teeth that they rely on.  Therefore, a good regimen of oral hygiene is essential to prevent dental problems.  Daily brushing and flossing is necessary along with annual dental visits.

Dental Bridges For Your Perfectly Bright Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is an art form that has been mastered by the dental team at Perfectly Bright Smiles.  We design dental bridges that are not only highly functional but are also beautifully crafted.  You’ll love how we customize your dental bridges to improve your smile!